Adventure to the West

Session 7
Different paths and a new companion

Session 7. Different paths, and a new companion

Player Characters:
Phil: Rhea the Ranger
NPC: Ven the Rootelf

Vanier: Steelriven the raggedy Dwarf
Chris: Hogarth the Half-elven Druid

Hogarth, coming from the East wandered to the northern shore of the Northwest Passage and happened upon a bedraggled, almost dead dwarf (Steelriven), lying on the beach beneath an overhanging cliff and a waterfall. After helping him up and asking about what happened they more or less realized the could benefit from each other’s companionship, and agreed to try to get the bounty on the Aasimir, as he seemed to have perished into the sea.

He used his prepared healing spell and they rested together on the beach healing and getting Steelriven back up to speed. Their journey back through the marshes past Twin peaks to Deadmuck was punctuated only by an encounter with a patrolling group of lizardfolk, centaurs, and a human. The lizardfolk leader recognized Hogarth as a fellow druid and asked him of his mission. He suggested that Hogarth travel into the mountains to the west if he was seeking a temple as he knew of none within the radius of his patrol, but at the same time to beware as few travel into the mountains and later return.

Upon returning to Deadmuck they found El Saaid by going to Stolyssa’s shack and merely talking to the crazy woman-thing. He came in, asked of the status of the Aasimir, they told him the Aasimir was dead, presenting some scrapings of skin and toenails. El Saaid looked unamused. Hogarth corroborated the account of the Aasimir’s probable drowning. El Saaid said he would spend 48 hours verifying the account with his sources, if they were accurate then he would meet them and pay the bounty agreed upon.

Rhea and Ven, now deep into the Kobold compound were escorted around the cave complex, warned against entering certain areas, and told of the surrounding environment of the caves, particularly of the giant ant nest, the goblins, and the deurgar, as well as an ethereal filcher and a grick somewhere nearby.

They moved out of the kobold’s complex and into the outside caves, passing a ladder to the surface and encountering a nest of centipedes which attacked them when they came near. Unloading arrow after arrow at the centipedes Rhea managed to kill off the beasts as they assaulted Ven over and over. Ven bore the punishment and felt sick from the centipede bites, but nonetheless continued on. As they explored they stumbled across a pit trap, Ven managed to quickly jump back as it fell but Rhea wasn’t so lucky and he fell twenty feet to the bottom of the pit. Fortunately he survived, although battered, and climbed out as Ven dropped his silk rope and helped pull him out.

They turned around the corner and ascended a slope into a tiny passage where a tiefling had made a camp, and was still present, somehow missing the noise of falling into the pit below completely. Both sides were alarmed, the tiefling cornered.

Engaging in conversation with the man, Rhea inquired as to whether or not the Tiefling was Delor, he said he was in fact and asked to what end they had come searching for him. Upon telling him that they wanted to bring back the heirloom of his alleged murder victim to her father he said it was no such thing, and that it was in fact a trinket she stole from the ogre mages, which he had equal right to as her. He admitted to getting into a scuffle with the late Chelsea, but said only that he escaped, not admitting guilt to murder.

After a long and carefully considered dialog, Rhea traded the Masterwork Dwarven longsword to Delor for the trinket and an agreement that Delor himself would follow them back to Deadmuckm, behind them out of sight, ensuring that they reported the Tiefling deceased.

On their return trip they ran across a wary dwarven patrol, different than the ones they encountered before, though similar. They let each other pass unhindered and arrived in Deadmuck. Rhea showed the trinket to Chelsea’s father who said it was not the heirloom. Realizing they had been swindled by the tiefling they cut the story short at that and went to the temple to rest and recover from their wounds while regrouping in preparation to go back and confront the murderer and swindler they now believed Delor to be.

NPCs encountered:
Patrol party: Two lizardfolk, two centaurs, one human
8 Centipedes, defeated
Delor the Tiefling
Dwarven patrol

Joined Obsidian Portal

Adventure to the West (D&D Campaign)

Player Characters:
Hollie: Brevyan the lady Dwarf
Dewey: Blodwyn the 2’ tall Gnome
Phil: Rhea the Arago… er Human
Vanier: Steelriven the raggedy Dwarf
Andrew: Delamar the Elf

Upon arriving in Deadmuck the PCs looked around a bit, finding the warden’s tower, sans the warden, the sheriffs office with a list of bounties, an old half-dwarven outfitter named Korval who agreed to make them copies of maps of the surrounding area for 40 gold pieces in all so that they might hunt down the necromancer bounty. They also looked into the bounty written in Draconic, and went to Death’s Wake Inn and Tavern to find out more details. There the gnome meditated among other gnomes who had passed out from inebriation, and the others talked to the kobold, Quisk, who posted the bounty. The players have agreed to exterminate the hobgoblin war party that has invaded the kobolds home for 30 gold pieces per head and an additional 50 gold when all are shown to be dead.

NPCs Encountered:
Deputy Warden (Lizardfolk)
Sheriff (Human)
Shady bird salesman (Human?)
Fruit and Vegetable stand (Human)
Korval the outfitter (Biracial Human/Dwarf)
Wake, the Death’s Wake Innkeeper (Human)
Quisk (Kobold)

Following Quisk to the Hobgoblin’s hide out, the players heard a quick explanation of the situation from Quisk and descended into the dark cave. They progressed down and handily killed four arguing hobgoblins who were arguing about which one got to eat first. In the end, none of them made it to dinner. The players collected some of their belongings, especially their money bags (4×100sp) and then explored their surroundings. They found an old dusty battle scene, picked up a fancy dwarven sword (masterwork longsword), and also found and freed a dozen kobold prisoners, despite argument from certain members of the group. They also picked up another 50 foot long piece of rope.

NPCs Encountered:
4 Hobgoblin Warriors (killed)
12 Kobold prisoners (saved)

They next kicked down the door into the corridor, were ambushed by 3 hobgoblins and the hobgoblin leader. Had some divine luck, killing the three regular hobgoblins and escaping the leader’s wrath by a chance distraction from some sneaky Tiefling. Escaping into the natural bit of the caverns they were able to rest, recover their hit points and prepare to go back in and face the leader again. Doing so they found him already deceased, so they successfully raided the rest of the dwarven outpost and freed the slave woman. They picked up 4 bags of 70 gold, 3 sacks of 800 silver, a bunch of hobgoblin heads and a suit of banded mail. And in a trapped vault they managed to survive and solve through sheer will, persistence and luck they found a 400 gp crown, a 500 gp garnet, and a masterwork dwarven waraxe.

They hoisted the treasure up out the way they came with some good rope-work helping them, and slowly dragged the goods back to town. On the way they ran into some scary rabbits, the dire wolf, which they handily slayed, and made it back. Telling the slave woman they’d be cashing in her debt soon.

They also turned in the heads of the hobgoblins and the dire wolf to their respective bounty posters and received promised gold. The kobold, Quisk promised to check on the status of the dungeon and pay the remaining amount if it was found empty.

Being back in town everyone had time to sort out gold and appraise goods found, with which Brevyan had tremendously good luck, being a dwarf helped. They did some money changing for a small 1% surcharge and lightened their loads to a few platinum pieces.

Also up to this point I’ve decided that everyone gets 600 xp for a combination of combat and quest/story awards. Don’t ask me to break that down because it’s a magical calculation that involves estimations and ad-hoc balancing.

NPCs Encountered:
3 Hobgoblin Warriors (killed)
1 Hobgoblin Leader (dead by other means)
1 Tiefling (disappeared somewhere)
1 Slave woman (rescued)
1 Dire wolf (killed)

The PCs explored Deadmuck. They talked to the sheriff and learned about the no brawling rule, then proceeded to break it by tying up the tailor who they intended to hit up for their repayment in exchange for rescuing his daughter (the slave woman). Finding out he sold his own daughter into slavery they decided to take him to the sheriff. They learned a little about the slave trade and some of the other dirty bits of town in the process.

They had a seemingly productive series of fortune tellings which directed most of them to the west, into the uncharted orc infested wilderness.

Much shopping was accomplished, especially at Korval’s outfitter. Brevyan traded in her scale male in exchange for having the banded mail they found adjusted to fit her. They were then fully equipped with many sacks, four bags of caltrops, as many good trail rations as they could muster, and some other odds and ends.

Steelriven decided to buy an eyeball on a stick, scream out the name of the man who was supposedly looking for him, randomly, and loudly all over the market, before heading into the slums to find some place where he fit in better and might find a clue as to where the wererats in this town might be.

The others went to the tavern and passed the time by napping and chatting with Wake the bartender. He told them about how much trouble the ogres were, especially when sober, and then some rumors of an Aasimir hunting a fugitive in town. Soon after the Aasimir himself showed up in the tavern. Brevyan approached him and managed to convince the shiny, pretty, dull-witted man to pool their resources and work together to find the fugitive, whom they might very well have seen in the Dwarven-turned-kobold-turned-hobgoblin dungeon they had just finished emptying out.

At some point while this was going on Steelriven was engaged in unspeakable acts of socialization which successively gained him a connection to Elsaaid, the long snake-tailed “guild” leader. He was promised a contact with the wererats in exchange for taking the bounty on the Aasimir’s head.

Late into the night Steelriven walked, uncomfortably, back into Death’s Wake tavern, to find the Aasimir and his former companions already together and preparing to head out, following their tracks back to the dungeon they left the day before. Then he spent some time trying to convince Rhea and then Delamar that the Aasimir was in fact the enemy. The plot thickens…

NPCs encountered:
Pethorn, the worthless Human tailor who sold his daughter into slavery (citizen’s arrested)
Petice, the crazy Tiefling fortune teller (gives fortunes for 5 pence)
Stolyssa, the bat-shit insane elderly Tiefling slut (put Steelriven in contact with El’Saaid)
El’Saaid, the Tiefling guild leader (made a deal to connect Steelriven to the wererats for the Aasimir bounty)
Kimnestor, the beautiful yet dullwitted Aasimir man hunting the fugitive.

The PCs left (two short from their original party) in the morning, Rhea attempting to follow their tracks from the day before back to the Kobold cave where they had spotted the sneaky man they believe is probably the fugitive that Kimnestor is searching for.

After five hours or so of moving through the wilderness Rhea realized he had lost the trail and was relatively uncertain of his exact position. About this time they spotted a small group of hobgoblins. They engaged them from a distance, and Steelriven charged into melee. They managed to defeat them, but Steelriven fell in the fight. Fortunately, after Rhea and Kimnestor finished the remaining enemies Kimnestor was able to heal the fallen Barbarian with divine magic. After the battle they decided to make for the Twin Peaks, so Rhea might be able to get them back to Deadmuck and to get the map they needed to return to the caves.

As they ascended the twin peaks they heard the wingflap of a massive black dragon nearby. They dove for cover, doing little good, but lucked out in being apparently uninteresting to the dragon which flew away.

At this point they were rather tired and worried that if they faced another enemy they might perish, so they made camp so as to let the Aasimir regain his healing spells. During the night they were snuck up on by two hobgoblin scouts, who they handily defeated.

During Steelrivens watch however, the dwarf made an attempt on the Aasimir’s life, which was foiled by the extraplanar’s remarkable sense of hearing. Rhea awoke as well from the sounds of the fight and drew his bow threatening to shoot both of them if they didn’t stop fighting.

The dwarf then agreed to go under the Aasimir’s truth spell and Rhea decided that Steelriven was in all likelihood the guilty party. Agreeing, the Aasimir and Rhea turned on Steelriven and began an attempt to pacify him forcifully. Outnumbered and soon beaten to within an inch of his life Steelriven surrendered and let them tie him up.

As they were walking back to Deadmuck the next morning they ran into a group of three dwarves on patrol. They were rather intrigued to see one of their kinsmen being held prisoner by an Aasimir and a ranger. Asking the details they requested that the dwarf be transferred to their care and taken back to their homeland of Gol where he could be tried by Dwarven judges.

The Aasimir and Rhea agreed, and they parted ways, Rhea going back to Deadmuck and the Aasimir, waylayed from his mission of hunting the Tiefling in order to bring another matter of justice to its due end in the courts of Gol.

NPCs Encountered
5 hobgoblins, which carried 15 gold each
1 massive black dragon
3 dwarven patrollers

Upon arriving in Gol, Steelriven and Kimnestor walked with the three patrolmen to the Dwarven tribunal, who heard the accounts under zone of truth magic. Given the information provided in the accounts they deemed Steelriven guilty of attempting to murder a dwarven ally and sentenced him to serve, via geas, under Kimnestor until he would grow to appreciate law and order.

In their absence Rhea explored Deadmuck and turned up a bit more information regarding the Tiefling, namely Gavin. Gavin is an elderly man whose daughter, Chelsea, was allegedly murdered by the Tiefling that the Aasimir was hunting. In an interesting turn of events, the woman, Chelsea, told her father the identity of her attacker in her last dying magic words. Having the bounty on the Tiefling turned down by the sheriff for political reasons, he turned to prayer. The god of justice answered and sent his cleric, Kimnestor to fulfill the request.

Unfortunately, with only limited manpower, Rhea opted to wait for Kimnestor and Steelriven’s return from Gol. While waiting he picked up another mercenary, Ven, a Root Elf. After two weeks passed Steelriven and Kimnestor returned and after prodding their previous guide, Quisk, into giving them some information about the kobold caves they followed their new map to the entrance they used before.

On the way to the caves they ran into a small encounter of kobolds, and despite explicit warning against engaging any kobolds they were met with battle and left with little choice but to defend. They handily destroyed the small adversaries and buried their corpses, hoping Quisk wouldn’t find out.

They found the entrance mostly quiet and descended. Upon careful investigation of the place where the Tiefling and hobgoblin had done battle, they discovered a small trail of the Tieflings blood leading deeper into the caverns.

As they explored the caverns Kimnestor’s detect evil spell began showing signs of an evil presence relatively nearby. They followed it to a ledge, ascended the ledge and found combat with a pair of trogolodytes.

Defeating one, the other disappeared into its lair. Despite careful searching they couldn’t turn it out, but instead found a leather bladder with 300gp inside it. Not wanting to wait and be ambushed they handed it to Ven who stashed it in his pack beneath his robes and they moved back to a stagnant pool they passed earlier. Searching and climbing and searching some more they discovered an exit on the ceiling and climbed up to it, entering a passage which let out in the chamber of an underground river.

The river rushed below them and between a 10 foot chasm. On the other side of the chasm was a door. Rhea grappled a rock on the other side but had to sacrifice one of Steelriven’s javelins as a makeshift pin, wedged into a crack as the other anchor. They attempted to cross the chasm on the rope but everyone except Rhea fell in the process. Rhea quickly threw out his spare rope, but only Ven managed to catch a hold of it before being swept down river.

Kimnestor and Steelriven fought with the river, coming in and out of consciousness many times before finally blacking out for good.

Rhea and Ven spent no time mourning and quickly searched around the locked door, Ven found a secret door just beside the false one and entered, following a passage into the Kobold’s stronghold, and facing off against a large group of kobold residents. Fortunately, one of them remembered Rhea and listened to his explanation and plea for freedom to expunge the intruder from their midst. They agreed, tentatively.

Some time later, Steelriven woke up on a beach under a large overhanging cliff, looking at a cave in the cliff and the river of water pouring out of it into the sea. He felt rather terrible and coughed up seawater. Kimnestor was nowhere in sight.

NPCs encountered:
Dwarven Tribunal Herald
Dwarven Tribunal Cleric
Arctus III – Dwarven Tribunal
Bartok – Dwarven Tribunal
Ghem – Dwarven Tribunal
Gavin, Chelsea’s father
Chelsea [via anecdote] the murder victim of the Tiefling
Delor [via anecdote] the Tiefling accused of murdering Chelsea
Ven, Rootelf Rogue
Quisk, Kobold guide
Lizardfolk boxers
4 Kobolds, killed and buried
2 Trogolodytes
8 Kobold residents, including one rescued prisoner

At the end of the session the players received an addition 400 xp, bringing them both to level 2.

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